Technology-to-market Services

MEIA offers Technology-to-Market (T2M) Services for inventors and mission-aligned Small Businesses.

Faculty inventors who are applying for grants from Federal or State programs should contact us during the grant proposal writing process and we will assist with creating the T2M section of your proposal.  We can also assist Faculty who already have grants in place and need T2M assistance. We'll craft our scope of work to match the funding capabilities of your grant.

For Startups,  MEIA can assist with market research, customer discovery, business planning, and other critical planning activities. Importantly, we can help you access Maryland's robust clean energy ecosystem to find successful avenues for your business. Contact us to learn more about our fee-for-service consulting.

For example, if a Faculty Inventor were applying for an ARPA-E grant, then the T2M Plan typically consists of a subset of the milestones described in this ARPA-E document.

  1. Faculty writing new grants with T2M requirements should engage MEIA early.  MEIA will create this section of your proposal with you, will help you craft a T2M budget, and MEIA will become your partner in the application.
  2. After you win an award, MEIA will assist you with negotiating your T2M scope of work with the grantor organization.
  3. MEIA will perform the T2M work described in your agreement on a timely basis.