Inventors and Founders

MEIA supports "Clean Energy Technologies," which broadly describes products and/or services that have positive environmental impacts by reducing energy use or causing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We focus on innovation that occurs in academic or institutional labs located in the State of Maryland. 

MEIA is currently focused on helping inventors with emerging technologies (Technology Readiness Levels 3,4, or 5) that are looking to commercialize their invention.  MEIA provides the people and resources to successfully develop a well-vetted and confident plan, and identifies the team of people that will execute the plan.   

MEIA's key performance metric is whether you form a Maryland-based company that can attract 3rd party capital to create jobs and help solve Maryland's climate and energy issues.  MEIA will do everything it can to help you succeed.

URGENT NOTE:  The COHORT 1 APPLICATION DEADLINE has passed.  Inventors interested in joining future cohorts may use the form below.  We will contact you when Cohort 2 recruiting begins.

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