Energy-Executives-In-Residence, Entrepreneurs and Mentors

MEIA's Energy-Executive-in-Residence program is ideal for entrepreneurs, current or retired executives, or people who want to explore the routine & lifestyle of being a co-Founder or Board Member of a clean energy technology company. Each team has a consulting budget that can be used to hire EEIRs to perform needed business activities. You will be accountable to the team leader and the team's Project Manager for delivering work product and participating in the team's strategic planning and customer discovery activities. The EEIR platform provides a chance for you learn first hand about what it takes to be on a startup team, and it enables you and the inventor to work together for a period of time to determine fit before the company is formally created.  Since you are being paid (or volunteering), you will not receive equity for your participation as an EEIR.

MEIA has great opportunities for experienced Entrepreneurs looking for their next adventure. There are many technologists with great technology who want to be part of a startup team, but do not want to be in the team leader position. MEIA allows faculty to assign the team leadership role to an entrepreneur, which could put you in charge of the startup.


We also have opportunities for Mentors who meet with teams for about an hour a week to give advice and who help open doors to industry connections and funding sources.  Mentors are unpaid volunteers who give back to the entrepreneurship community by sharing their time and wisdom.

Do you want to become an Energy-Executive-in-Residence, Entrepreneur or a Mentor?  Click the link below to fill out our application form.

EEIR, Mentor, Entrepreneur Application Form