Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator

Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator

Maryland Energy Innovation AcceleratorMaryland Energy Innovation AcceleratorMaryland Energy Innovation Accelerator

Creating Investible Clean Energy Businesses

Welcome to MEIA (pronounced mee-ah)

MEIA focuses on early-stage technology commercialization in partnership with Maryland-based Universities and Labs to support Maryland's Clean Energy and Climate Goals. MEIA supports solar, wind, batteries, energy efficiency, grid modernization,  carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), and any other technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions or provides negative emissions benefits in the electric, oil and gas, residential, commercial or industrial sectors. 


Inventors who want to commercialize their technologies run into four difficult problems: 

  1. Lack of time to work on the company; 
  2. Difficulty finding co-founders; 
  3. Difficulty finding firms and people to perform business creation activities;
  4. Connections with industry and capital sources.

MEIA tackles each of these issues head on.

Our Unique Approach

Services for Startups


MEIA provides services for Startups including legal, intellectual property, accounting, finance, market research, branding, customer discovery, and more. We also provide a project manager to keep your efforts moving forward.  These services are crucial to ensure a company is formed correctly and is on solid footing for growth. 

An Instant Executive Team


MEIA's Energy-Executives-in-Residence (EEIRs) join your team in key roles. MEIA's experienced executives work in operations, sales, finance, marketing and will help create a strategy and execute the strategy. These EEIRs fill in the gaps for Startups that are very difficult to fill at the early stages and allow the founders to spread the workload and concentrate on their areas of expertise. 

Strategic Partnerships


Strategic Partnerships can be more valuable than cash. MEIA has relationships with leading players in the clean energy value chain. Strategic partners will collaborate with your team to increase your chances of success.  Strategic partners can provide the capital, expertise, connections and resources that bring Startups to the next level. 

Get Involved

Want to Join MEIA as a Startup?

Learn more about how we can help, and express your interest in applying for a cohort.


Join one of our teams by becoming an EEIR. Our teams need your help.

Partnerships Are Critical

Partners are critical to helping Startups become investible companies.

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